Friday, March 19, 2010

You'll Be Moving to The Country

Joel Kotkin, a Presidential Fellow and director of the Urban Futures Program at Chapman University, has an article on his excellent NewGeography site which examines the question: Where and how will Americans live in 2050. It's a fascinating look into the future and I'd highly recommend it.

Among Kotkin's key predictions are:
  • An increase in the US population of 100 million people
  • Scores of new communities will be built
  • Suburbs will continue to grow and thrive
  • Cities in the South and Southwest will be new "aspirational" destinations
  • A resurgence of the American heartland, enabled in part by the Internet
He touches briefly on some of the technology, transportation and construction business implications of  these changes, but the future promises to provide huge opportunities and risks. How will you prepare your business for the future?

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